About this website

About this website

First of all: Moin Moin!

(That’s a northern German word to say hello, good morning, hi, bonjour, Salut,… All greetings you might think of, used day and night all year around.)

I wasn’t sure in the beginning, what this blog will be about, but for sure it will be about things of my life, things that I’m interested in, things that I have to deal with and themes that I came across.

Also you have to deal with my non organised way of thinking, unlikely for that usually no important thoughts get lost up in there, sometimes I simply spot it too late. *blink*

All mind leaps followed by mind leaps, that come across while I’m blogging, won’t find space on my blog, that would even irritate me. In case of irritation, please e-mail or comment!

I’m happy about suggestions for improvement, questions, adds, more informations or different informations for themes I’m blogging about, please feel free to e-mail or comment as well! I love mail!

Moin Moin


P.S.: Found any language, grammar or spelling mistakes? Please let me know!

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