Datestory I

Datestory I

We met for breakfast at Hackescher Markt (Berlin).

I previously asked if he knows, where we’ll have the breakfast or if I should pick a place. Nono, he knew where we’ll go.

Super. Profil is matching. 1.83m (6feet) tall, notoverweight, is regularly sporty, meets friends as often as he can. I’m eager!

I didn’t recogniced him. He did. He’s close to 1.75m (5.7feet) and chubby, but okay, I can life with that. Plesant voice, friendly welcome. 10 minutes late.

Me:”Let’s go?”
He: “Yes please, where do we wanna go?”
Me:”I’m definetly starving so let’s have something close :)”

It’s been 10:30 a.m. and I’ve been awake since 8 a.m., as I usually am. Not to mention the third thing to ignore.

We found a place withing minutes, at Hackescher Markt it’s not that hard thankfully.

It’s been a nice breakfast, the location was a litte dark, but used as a Café, bar, restaurant and club at the same place, different times a day, it’s hard to have a cosy breakfast place. *blink*

We ordered the check and this conversation came up:

He: I’d like to invite you, but this month I misscalculated, I only have XX€ left and only brought 20€ for the breakfast, can you lend me 2€, otherwise I can’t pay my breakfast.

Me: Sure…”

What else should I do, as a student, compared to a full time worker, who’s not able to get along a month. It’s been around the 20th of that month, so 1/3 more to go.

He.”I’ll pay you back next time we see each other, for sure!”

Inside my head: There won’t be a second time:

  • smaller than said in his profile
  • 4-5 years old pictures and looking way different in the meantime
  • saying to pic a location and not doing it
  • misscalculating in a month and not beeing able to ask friends for some money or bring some extra, just in case you need more than 20€
    or just go and pick a place you can affors

After we payed he wouldn’t leave.

Me: “I have to go towards ‘Rotes Rathaus’.”
He: “I’ll join you, so we can keep talking.”
Me, white lie almost on my thoung: “I have an appointment at 2 p.m..”
He: “Oh, so we have almost two more hours to talk, who are you meeting?”
Me, actually having a second date: “My Ex, he wants to give me some things back, I better show up on my own.”
He: “Oh, okay.”

And so he was stuck to my heels.

An hour later I was the most obvious about me, willed to have him leave. I’ve been really anoyed by the time, I kept telling him indirect, that it was time for him to leave me alone, but he didn’t noticed that.

Finally I went for Date II, wothout my planned break.

*The original article was published on July 26th, 2016*

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