Datestory IV

Datestory IV

That was an odd date.

A date for my own, to get to recieve better knowledge about myself.

Now you might think what a weird date… Absolutely understandable, here’s the explanation:

I’m asking myself a lot of questions right now:

What do I really want?

Do I really wan’t an relationship with all inclusive or do I just miss the physical closeness or do I actually just look for someone because I’m the only single in my appartment?

The last one was eliminated without dating, non of the relationsships of my flatmates is a relationship that I want to have. Long distace is definetly not my thing,unless it’s in my families town, and having and living in a 12qm room with two people isn’t my dream as well *twinkle*.

My date said right from the beginning that he’s looking for a friend with benefits. So he was perfect for me to figure out while talking with him, if I’m really looking for the whole package.

In conclusion I want the whole thing and will still saty in contact with him, he’s a nice and relaxed guy, with whom I can talk very well and surprisingly open.

Why is it that hard to figure out our own desire sometimes?Do we always compare our own life and the maybe-in-the-future-somewhen-ideas wih the moral attitude of others, to figure out the best solution for all of them? I’m myself and not the puppet of my social setting.

I learned a lot for myself!

Do you feel the same sometimes? Dispose the way that it’s easier für your social setting to accept?

Loving regards from Kiel,


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