Datestory V

Datestory V

I really hope, that I am able to remeber everything in the correct order of what happend, it’s been a couple of weeks and I wasn’t even sure what was going on, while it happend.

Totally relaxed guy, sporty, texts in a very nice way, has a job in the social sectors and is working on his own bussines right now at the financial sectors -> he’ll be dated!

He picked the Café, Café am Neuen See, right behind the Berlin Zoo in a park that was more likely a forest. It’s been my lucky day, the bridge on the path I picked  wasn’t there anymore, only some construction signs where left. So I had to call and tell him I’m goint o be late… To be honest I don’t like to have phone calls before meeting for real, I rather like to be surprised by the voice when I see him, but it wasn’t my choice that day. -plesant voice-

Finally I made it! For a first date it’s not the nicest place to be, the waiters where a litte slow and delayed and the lake close by was stinky. But okay, the guy was talking the was he texts, open, friendly, no communication gaps.
Around 2.5h later he payed and offered me a lift to the train station so I wouldn’t have to walk that way back again. We said good gye.

The following week we texted, the upcoming weekend my mum was at my place and he asked to interview me about some finacial things, to get some more input for his start up by an qualatitiv research . Of cause I said that I’ll do that interview, since my mum was there, we said we’ll do it on the phone. By the time Sunday passed and there was no gap to do it, I offerd to meet during the next week. He read the message, he didn’t repied for a couple hours, nothing special, sometimes I do the same or only reply to some people, babysitting families are the ones I try to reply always, anone else can wait or call.

But when I recived this message a couple hours later I was so angry:

Hey Julia,
I think you’re a nice person, but I think one time is enough…

I’ve been so  super angry, even one day later I was still enormously angry, this usualy never happens to me. I replied, that he can send me his interview questions in an e-mail, so he doesn’t even has to be nice or to get to know me better.
After a couple seconds of thinking I decidet to actually add my e-mailadress, only to figure out if he’s really cruel, but he’s only a fool.

How the heck is paying on the first date, stays in contact, asks about an interview and isn’t interested in a second date? Only a fool!

It’s been 24 days since it happend and I’m still angry, very ANGRY.

So I’m sending lovely greetings out to you guys!


*The original article was published on August 17th, 2016*


    1. Es scheinen genug Frauen sich unterbuttern zu lassen…

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