I’m dating.

I’m dating propulsivly. I’m using onle dating platforms, because I’m sudying educational studies and work with kids. Men are almost not to find in that section or have kids on their own with women. Having kids and a mom comint with those kids is realy unatractive to me, the potential to end up in big conflicts is way too huge and I don’t like to have an unstable base.

Now we’re getting close to the main piont of this article. The Datingstories, each date has it’s own character and charme. Some are more atractive, some are less, some are obviously unatractive. I’m publishing some of my oddest dates, not only, but as well, to laugh about it (I’m laughing about the odd dates on my own), but also to help people not to feel alone with those weird situations, you are not! There are more of us out there, some are as well blogging or vlogging about their weird dates.

By the time dating in Berlin I’m not surprised any more, why Berlin is the so called and statistically proved “City of singles”.

I hope you’re following my Datestories, to read, what went wrong. *blink*

Lovely greetings from Berlin


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