Datestory II

Datestory II

It’s not the refind Britisch attitude, to have two dates in a row. But I’ve made the experience,

… that my dates are not the best ones. So I decided to test this two in a row thing. It’s not a big deal at all, unless your first date is sticky like a limped.

Before or better while planning the dates I thought about it a couple times and finally went for it. On two-dates-day evening my flatmate called me a bad ass, but she was positive about it. She would enjoy dating again, but she’s in a relationship and very happy with that.

Well, back to my 2 p.m. date, date II that day.

I only had an adress, where we will meet, very close to Leipziger Platz.


Oh I hate Starbucks! Trash, so much trash, they don’t pay taxes in Germany, but at the same time they charge 5€ for a regular coffee! And most of the empolyees are students or untrained and work for the minimum wage, most of the times employed the way, that starbucks does not have to pay for theier employments, instead they get founded by state money.

Lucky for me the shop was way too crowded.
my second date that day was 10 minutes late as well. I was 10 minutes early. Annoying I can tell!

Then he showed up. Definitely he gave the right high, but at the same time not my type, I simply have to say he’s been ugly. And when he started talking and his rapsing voice just made me quit inside. We still went for a drink and thanks to that crowd, we went to an other place across the street.

I ordered a tea, he ordered a coctail, not to mention it’s been 2:15 p.m. and the first date. That guy already went the negativ way on a skale from 0-10. The converation was slow and boring, we only talked about him, I tried to switch five or six times, WRONG!
Half an hour later he finally finished his coctail, my tea has been empty for a while since he kept talking. The waitress has been there two times, asking if we want to order something else, but he replied straight for both of us: NO!

I’ve been so released when we finally each payed our check and I could go home! Inside the train without that egoist I felt better right away, he was so consuming.

A date like that never happend to me bevore, but there always is a first time.

Very lovely greeting from the capital of Germany!



  1. Oh man… bei dem Niveau würde ich es auch verstehen, wenn Du gleich auf 3 Dates am Tag gehst 😀

    1. Lieben Dank für dein Verständnis! Hast du auch schon Mal soetwas erlebt?

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