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Disaster messages

The disaster mostly starts with the first message. Usually while online dating the first contact is a message, wich should be a through thought one.
With in time I gained experiences and wrote down some small and some bigger faux pas.

Emojis, cute things to use, but nothing more. Depending on my zeal and which emoji it is, I jusually don’t answer.

I rather react on messages, that show the writers interest in me, for example by readung my profile. Thats exactly what I do, when I start messaging with a match. I’m interested in meeting someone if he shows true interest in me, that also includes an appropriate salutory. Only because it is online it doesn’t mean basic rules of communikation are neglected.

Provokrative Messages, such as only sending a dot, a negative message or contain a nickname, will be deleted immediately. Does the message contains an affront the user gets reported and blocked. I expect a certain amout of the abillety to communicate, which includes a nice way to start a message like an appropriate salutory, instead two different wordls of communikation collide.

Sexual contents are okay to use if the profile is definetly showing that direction. Have fun users! Mine does not even contain a single sexual content and adresses like: “Hey Sexy!”, “Hot chick…”, “Cutie” and simmilarities are truly inacceptable. By rate of almost 100% I’ll dismatch, meeting on the street I wouldn’t look at back (again).

But still there is an increase possible. Nudes. I can barely think of anything to write about that, that’s just something you don’t do. On the other hand I really would like to decide on my own if, and if so, when and who I want to see undressed. It’s shameful for the sender and unpleasant for the consignee. Often there will be (if I’ve been writing or even meeting him) a reprimand and for sure I’ll unmatch.

When I begun online dating I used to believe in accently sending nudes. I’ve been naive,I know. Who the heck sends nudes by accident?!

And than there is the ostensible unaware, also known as the: ‘I-don’t-really-know-how-this-works’. That might be true sometimes, but accouring to the amount of alike messages that I recive, I can’t belief that anymore. I’m aware of new users registration daily, but the amount of ‘unaware and innocent’ is statisticly impossible.

The icing of the cake is ‘The nude Bodybuilder’, who simply sends a peace-Emoji and his only profile content is his instagam account with more nudes. I truly appreciate when someone has a hobby he/she is red-hot in love with, since I enjoy my hobbies a lot. But aren’t they some how more than just their bodies, or am I on the wrong track? Do they ever wear cloth?

Naked Dating is somehow like the US tv-show Adam Looking for Eve, where the candidates are naked at first sight when meeting on a lonely island.
I like to stay dressed and away from TV formats like these.

And inbetween all those flashy and pushy users, there are very regular human beeings, just looking for a decent partner, that they haven’t found in their personal milieu jet because of multiple reasons.

Onlinedating is absolut legit. Stay the way you are, fill your profile with personality ausprobierten don’t be discouraged by others that aren’t just like you.

Dear Onlinedaters,

have a look at the profile of your match. It is about interpersonal realtions and the feeling of awareness. A conversation is made by sentences, reading and responding, intersperce new informations and esteem.

This is why I wish you an successfull year 2018 even more, so that you are listening and working on your selfs in each conversation, to increase your communication.

Your Julia

Thank you Mia to capture my thoughts in wonderful drawings!

How in my opinion profiles for successful online dating should look like, can you read here.

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