The invasion of the pistachios – Moving from one shared flat to an other

The invasion of the pistachios – Moving from one shared flat to an other

I left Berlin But ofcause not without a good bye party!
Lovely people came to my (shared flat: my=our), the night was awesome and I’ve been super happy!

Crisps, crackers, suaces, wine, sparkeling wine, beer, soft drinks, water. Well-beeing concerning food was guaranteed, emotional well-beeing came with the people themselfs *laugh*.

Lots of pictures where taken, but those are for my personal use. I recived so many unexpectet gifts, but the one by my now called old flatmates was outstanding:


A pictue of our apartment door signed by my ex-flatmates, some are still missing but it’s hard to get together all flatmates at once *twinkle*. (The presents by all the others wheren’t less great, nut to have them all here would be too much and of cause I would miss at least one…!)

I will miss the people of Berlin, but I’m in the lucky position to know ways and means to stay in contact with those people! Bus, train, car, plane, telephone, sms, e-mail, skype, mail, …

Are you one of those people and would like to recive a handwritten letter once in a while? Send me your adress to my e-Mailadress, I would love to send you a letter!

Bow there is still one unanswered question:

Pistachio  invasion?

Yes, pistachio invasion.
There where guests at my party that i really like a lot and who are extremly creative. After the first few pistachio shells I thought:

Ah, those where put there by mistake and just throw them away. After a while finding those shalls everywhere in more and more unexpected spots I started taking pictures for you guys. Some sheels are so well placed that only a total renovation of the apartment will help get them out again.

Some of those pictures are now here on my blog:

Many a pictures are true search images, have fun and thanks to J. and M., for great actions with such an enthusiasm and without my knowledge the entire night!

Dear everyone!
I’ll miss you, but you know, where you’ll find me *blink*.

Warmest greetings
your Juliap1020373

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