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Starting a new life – moving from one shared flat to another

I’m here. I arrived!


In my new appartment, in my new room at a worderfull shared flat with vour lovely women (one of them is traveling right now so I can life in her room) and two way too cute cats!

But first lets go back to my move:

As I told youbefore, my stuff already was in Kiel when I left Berlin. My dad stored it at my parents place and I moved it car load by car load into my new apartment.

Or to put it in another way: Fill up the car as full as possible and ride off:


On all my turns I filled up the car on my own and we where way quicker to empty it, because we where 5 people to carry my stuff upstairs even tho it’S the 4th level. Those helpful people are the most powerful and the happiest moving helpers!

My bed and my desk where the last things to move in (thank you Dad!) and I began building, unpacking, rearranging, pushing and assambling.

I wasn’t able to bring my sideboard that usually is right next to my desk, there’s just not enough space in this room to keep it, but in October I’ll have it again! There isn’t enough space because there also is the furniture of C. (the owner of my current room)  also underneath my bed is only half of the space left to store my own business, we just didn’t empty the entire room. The more I’m amazed that my new 13 square meter room still makes up with all of my stuff and I’m still able to open the second door (yes, two doors, one towards the hallway and one leading into A.’s room)! A magical room!

Besides 2 drawers I have access to everything and I don’t even need those.

There are great magnetic boards at C.’s walls so I can display all my mail, pictures and memories, I need those in my new apartment!

Now let’s talk about the most important part of my new apartment:
My flatmates, my new shared flat life and the pets!

Well, I could just say have a look at their own blog, but that would be boring!

C. tours europe right now and only says ‘hi’ once in a while as she is supposed to do it as a 6 month traveler, hare Felix would be proud of her!
While she’s gone her room is mine, together with her cat Emmeli. Emmeli ist definietly part of this room, since I moved in she keeps her spot right next to my pillow and usually sleeps there most of the time. In the meantime it naturalized that when ever I come home she says hello by mewing at me, so lovely!

Anika is living right next door, the room wich directly connects to mine. Oh dear I love that connecting door! Sometimes we knock, sometimes the door simply stays open for a couple hours and we talk, keep changing rooms, a little bit like one big room for two but with absolute privacy, sorcerous! With Anika I sewed a giant seat sack by peaces of old jeans, that only needs a filling and a blogpost now, but realisticly that’s not going to happen until May (my calender is full, I just started changing from paper to digital)…

Sophie’s room is the most far away room, she’s working with heart ans soul for the Tierpark Gettorf as a zoo biologist and is an awesome listener when it comes to interpersonals! Sophie has a cat as well, Gwyn. Sometimes both cats hang out at my room, one on my left the other on my right side. Two litte cats can really take up lots of space and my bed isn’t small!

L. is the one I know for forever. To be exactly about it: Somewhen in spring 2001. She used to live up the street from my parents house, 5 doors away, had a family dog as well, used to go to the same elementary school und wore damn stylish jeans flares! She’s always bee there since we met and now she isn’t living up he street, shes living down the hallway, not 5 doors but 5 steps away, such an enormeous imrpovement!

The apartment is at the city center, close to Holtenauer Straße (big shopping street, that comes with a theater, movie Theater, lots of restaurants, …) by bike it takes you 10 minutes to be at the university campus, 5 minutes to the quay wall, 25 minutes to be at my parents and 15 minutes to be at the central station.

Our apartment comes with an balcony where Sophie and I already started to do coo stuff wich I’ll blog about soon so you all can read about it.
Our hallway is in a T shape and at the bottom are our bathroom toilet (yes, our toilet is seperate, so handy when it comes to living with 4 and maybe having people over), and our kitchen as well as our tiny dining room which is exactly the size of a tabe for the maximum 6 people and it’s cosy at that point! The top stroke leads to the apartment door, our rooms and the Livingroom. If you still want to know more about our apartment and how to life in it (we don’t have a cleaning plan we rather go by a bounty system), please visit the web page of my flatmates, there’s also an interview about me moving in.

Did you moved into a shared flat? How was it with yours? Dreamteam? Horror crew? Something inbetween? Where you one of the few to start a new shared flat, like my 4 girls did?

In October I’m moving again, but until then I’ll enjoy this apartment, my flatmates and the cats!

Warmest greetings
your Julia

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