Life » Happiness multiplies if you share it!…?

Happiness multiplies if you share it!…?

But what if you’re looking for your own luck in an other person?

I got Inspired by Soja Koala …Single und glücklich! (…Single and happy!) for this article and it leaded to the saying:

„Happiness is the only thing that multiplies if you share it.“

wich made me theink about it.

What happens if someone isn’t happy? Where does happiness comes from? What happens to happiness if you try to share what isn’t there? Why do we often connect happiness with relationships? Why is our happiess connectet to the relationship? Does our partner has to make us happy? Who has to make us happy? Aren’t we supposed to do that on our own?

To answer these questions I first of all asked some friends:

“What does happiness means to you?”

The answers where all differnt:

  • Do what you want to do, accompany with the appreciation: I can do that (for example I can do sports even though there is some physical limitaion)
  • Daily life happiness, the sense is subjetive, everyone has it’s own daily life happiness and has to discover it on their own
  • Sometimes you have to fight the sloth to bekome happy
  • There is not such a thing like the big happiness, but the little happiness in daily life, that makes us happy
  • Beeing at the right place at the right time
  • Do not regret for forever, look forward, don’t keep up with your negative memories

But still they all focus on the small things of daily life.

On top I want to be thankful for my little happiness, every day, at least for a second, I want to notice my happiness, that I can ride a bike, that the sun is shining, that my babysitting child plays fancifully, that I have friends with the same point of view about happiness and friends with totally different adjustment.

So each of us is in charge of our own daily life happiness, but can we share it?
Yes! I belief so! If we’re talking about the little happiness and esteem it, we verify our little happiness and the little happiness of the others. Moreover it makes me happy to hear, that others are happy, especially by people I like.

Now we get towards the relationchip part. That’s a difficult part, becaus e we want to be happy together. At least that’s the upmost achiefement. Maybe an idealised achiefement. Maybe also interpreted the wrong way. Defining relationship is a hard thing, maybe I’ll do that one day, if I feel comfortable enough. In any case I thing the idealised portrait, that we’ll become happy by our partner is wrong. No objections, that we’ll become happiER, but not happy by itself. Happiness comes with our selfes, it’s an attitude to life, not a component, that appears, only because we’re with someone right now.

My friend A. said:

„I’m thankful for everything that I have, I can value myself as happy.“

I belief that each of us has to be happy on their own, to become happy togehter – to multiply the happiness. If one isn’t happy, he needs some of the happiness of the partner. If you appart again, simply for some hours, one has to refill the batteries of happiness and the other one is missing it already. With love it works for a certain time, but in the long run the sharing of happiness has to be mutual.

I don’t see the partner has to make us happy, we have to make us happy with our partner and our partner is supposed not to make us unhappy.

What are your thoughts about happiness?

Your Julia

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