Always the matter of perspective

Always the matter of perspective

Berlin is …

big and loud and hectic and ugly…

But wait…

That’s not it!

It’s always a question of perspective. Of cause it’s ugly if I look at the street full of cars and trucks right infront of me.


Especially if my finger is infront of the lens again, while trying to take a picture of the skyline and the setting is so not satisfying.

But you just have to change the perspective:


A litte zoom and only focusing on the parts that are important for the picture. Important for the moment.

Of cause we’re not supposed to loose the glance and just go (there are still cars and trucks to be aware of), but beeing stressed out, caused by noticing all informations around us and paying attention to them, is not, what we’re supposed to do. Focus on what is important for you and your life , don’t stress yourself.

Life is good! is the daily catchphrase of a friend of mine and he shares it as often as he can. This is such an positive attitude, that I enjoy listening to 🙂

Life is good, enjoy your day!

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