Yesterdays calendar item has been in my calender for a long time and I’ve been exited the entire time: Christmas Cookie baking at J.’s, market with three !!!.

J. bought everything we needed and prepared the entire event the way taht everyone else simply had to show up for participating! Luxurybaking when you know, how much work it is to figure out the right recepies, to write down the shopping list and go get that huge amount of stuff for cookies. Thank you J.!

We started with pizza, otherwise we would have kept eating tons of dough and cookies, so we would have ended up feeling super sick. Who would like to eat cookies the next  days then?


Than we strated! 6 women, 6 recepies one tiny kitchen and a dining table. J. coordinates all our events the way that it’s smoothly organiced. First of all we did the dough that has to rest in the fridge for a little while, at the time it chilled down, we mixed others. On top there was not a single moment where you don’t know what to do and with 6 women there is endless to talk about, dating is always a good thing to talk about! *twinkle*

There where butter cookies, gingerbread and chocolate crunchies, furthermore jelly eyes, nougat sticks and oranges tabs. I’ll translate and upload the recepies step by step, if you need them quick, please let me know, I’ll hurry up to translate the one you’re interested in the most!


After plenty of hours of kneading, streching the dough, cookie cuttin, decorating and baking the almost 1000 cookies where done ande we where as well! *twinkle*
But now the cookies dress my table and give off christmas flair by their their scent.

I wish you a merry start of the week!


Your Julia


  1. Der große herzhafte Keks schaut schon ganz gut aus 😉

    1. Auch das Rezept für den Boden vom großen herzhaften Keks wird folgen! Super einfach und einfach lecker!

    2. Das angekündigte Rezept für den herzhaften Riesenkeks ist online 😉 FIndest du unter Rezepe – Pizzaboden 😉 viel Spaß beim ausprobieren!

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