Profile pictures, profile texts and first messages when online dating

Profile pictures, profile texts and first messages when online dating

The difference of level of online dating profiles are grave and I’m facinated over and over again that it seems to work out for all users!

Onlinedating keeps getting more and more profitable for the platforms, it’s more and more accepted by the siciety to onlinedate  and the number of members rises outrageously. Now it’s not only enough to have a profile, as in your CV a blurry picture isn’t enough. A profile has to show a litte life, appealing and give a first impression.

I wrote down what’s important to me, what I require and what absolute no goes are:

Profile pictures are important! How else do we get a first impression of someone in life?

Yes, sure, the first impression isn’t always right, but I can presort like I do when I’m not online. I don’t like smoker, I don’t go for proles, I don’t like car freaks, I don’t want to have one in love with his muscles and the gym, I don’t like severe obesity, …

This is something I can tell by pictures, on top of that, who doesn’t have a picture of him self is a no.

The pictures dont have to be taken super high quality, but rather with fun. laughing, a funny picture, enjoying life is definetly capturable with pictures.

Absolute no goes are:

Group pictures, do I have to pick who I’m dating?

Closeups of single bodyparts, legs, arms, feet or something mor intimate…

Pictures where you can tell it’s the ex!

Shirtless or even less clothes, you’ve got those for a purpose, unless it’s a beach picture so there is a reason for no shirt.

And alcohol. I don’t care if there’s one Glas or if there’s a bottle somewhere, but empty tossed over bottles, kissing bottls or glases, pictures showing that aclohol is the best on earth, … I like to have a sober date.


Now lest’s see what the profil texts can do:

At least half of the male profiles are empty, 1/4 of the profiles contain 1-2 words. If they didn’t link any interests and the pictures are inconclusive, it will be hard for him…

Lets have a look at the last quarter. Phylosopical sayings are very popular, picture riddles like: as well.

Way more interessting than all those profiles are the ones that contain text, handwritten selfcreated text, including hobbys, interests and maybe dislikes, such a pleasure to read about people, you can get a first impression of the person inside the body.

Texts without decimal points and points, without grammar and with spelling mistakes or swear words are exclusion criterias.

The saying: Women could take the first step as well, is basicly right, but it becomes problematicly when men always “like” all girls and sort out after they’ve matched.

I’m totally fine with sending the first message, but only if the profile in interessting and if the match was hours ago. Anything else only is ego pushing for him and a waste of my time.


The first message:

A Hello, Hey, Hi, Good morning, … is something I will always reply to and what I like to text in first messages, if the male profile shows a little more information I try to use those informations for the first line.

He dos not react to my first message? I’ll just unmatch, you don’t need that waste *twinkle*.

The greeting game like:

She: Hei hei
He: Hallo
She: How are you?
He: Fine, how are you?

Is where I’ll reply with something personal, not only saying that I’m doing good, but also why. Otherwise the conversaition stops at this point or becomes strange.
If he’s not able to catch up on that I’ll give him a second pass, if he’s still not catching up, I stop.

Sometimes guys send messages like:

He: Wanna f*ck?

These are the ones I report and unmatch immediatly.

Very rare there are people out there that offend. I’ve chatted with a guy who seemed to be nice and polite, but it chaged really quickly to tell me I were fat. He said, that I should lost weight, at least 20k, any women above 50k was adipose…
That was the point when I did not only report him but also send an appeal e-mail to the website operator, including screenshots of the entire conversation. Nowadays I regred that I didn’t went to the police station to complain.

Instead great conversaitions are the ones where it’s equaly about his and my interests, we exchange interessts and tries to figure out whether we like to meet or not.

If we will meet or not still is a totally different story differnt story *twinkle*.

How do you think about that? What are your criterias? Are your dimands differnt than mine? What did you experience?

I’m curious about it!

Warmest greetings
your Julia

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