Clean up your desk day

Clean up your desk day

Today is clean up your desk day. The question probably poping up in your head is: How did she thought about to figure that out.Well, that was easy…
I lay on my bed on second of January and on my to do list was: Clean up your desk. It really needed to be done, because my desk looked like this:

Instead I decidet to procrastinate and went for reserching what awesome world days there would be I’ve never heard about and should be celebrated.

Conclusion: ‘Clean up your desk day’ is on 8th of January. Means, it is today.

Other than that there are lots of world days, some are truly absurdand for sure there will be some more on my blog in the futur, because now my desk is clean:

Even the recycle bin is empty, now I only need a ‘paper storage clean up day’ and my desk will look better than ever!

As an aside: My desk was build by my dad,the wooden top is made of two pieces, that are joined by dowels and wood glue. Plus its deeper than regular desks and way more durable. To reach for my books I always have to climb up my desk. Maybe I have my books up there so I have to climb up my desk… I know myself very well. *twinkle*

Back to Paper storage… Paperstorage is my worst enemy. Last summer Sophie helped me out to organise it, while I lived at the WG. I had folders, I had a system that worked, it is just not a running system, everything just always ends up at the paper storage pile… Meanwhile I almost got it. Only one of four piles is left and the box with the label:


is open now and cleaned out by 60%. Let’s see when I’ll open the box of Pandora next and if I might be able to empty it out…

I’m thrilled to know if anyone of you cleaned up their desk because of the ‘Clean up you desk day’, let me know!

See you soon,
your Julia

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