Tinders ideas for the first message – part 2

Tinders ideas for the first message – part 2

Here is part two about the absolute hilarious ideas for the first messages by tinder, without irony I don’t know how to deal with it!

If you don’t ask you can’t win.

What shall I ask and what do I win here? A date that I chatted for? That’s something I can’t win, just earn!

Say something nice about the pictures

Might be good, might me really bad and by the time it becomes boring…

Be nice… say something!

Not beeing nice usually ends up in no contact, so why shouldn’t I be nice… And: It’s a chat room, we dont talk here.

How will they break the ice?

Third person talking, very creative. Breaking the ice usually isn’t necessary, either we are on one wavelenght or not.

You’ll miss out 100 %% of great memories!

So does that means 200% or is it a system mistake? Great memories by a first message? I would love to read that message!


Nice try to rise the coolness factor, but inside my head there was only the noise of an empty radio channel left!

Why don’t you just say Hello?

I was about to do that, just talking randomly, of cause the other one can here me through the phone! I rather text “Hei hei!”

Say something funny!

I’m always confused if I recive a joke instead of a Greeting as a first message…

Take the chance!

Yes! Let’s go, this is the one and only chance in life!

Hey as well!

What else shall I text? A joke maybe or a good bye phrase?

I always take those suggestions with a lot of humor and once in a while I simply ignore them…

How would you react if someone sends you a joke as a first message?

Warmest greetungs
your Julia

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