Moving chaos – Moving from one shared flat to another

Moving chaos – Moving from one shared flat to another

Who follows me on instagram already saw it. I hope I really packed everything and took pictures of it, to safe and publish what happened.

Now all my stuff is in my new apartment, but to have you participate I’ll post the instagram pictures here as well, so you don’t miss out anything *blinck*.


I already started in November last year, December and January, the way that I allways filled my red suitcase with clothes and other things that I wont use the remaining time in Berlin, and tok it to Kiel on my own or sent it to Kiel with my familiy and friends. The empty red suit case was taken back to Berlin. This is a truly effective way to transport things, almost half ofmy stuff was moved this way (half of what is not funiture or bike *blink*), but at a certain point I lost track of what is where and how to find it.

In February the big move was planned, the last things where supposed to get packed and cart off. I kept putting my stuff into boxes

and sorted out stuff I don’t need any more,threw away and put together the ones that got taken apart.

My sister came on Friday and helped me to pack together the things that we could fit into the left over boxes.

On Saturday everything went super fast, at 10 a.m. my dad arrived with his friend, at noon everything was loaded.


Lele and I prepared the room to get painted.


On Sunday we painted, threw away the garbage and had the aparment handover.

Finally we had our showers at my friends place and went to the movie theater. After that we had dinner with my friends A. and M. at our usual restaurant, and those two also had a good bye presend on hand:


A self-made snow globe jointly with a gift card for our usual restaurant. So well thought out and beautiful! Thanks again!

Then we ended up in Lele’s car and drove to Kiel.

I have to admit, I know a lack about that trip, my sister drove, I tried to stay awake, but couldn’tkeep my eyes open. She way of cause suposed to wake me up, whenever she felt bored or tired. Thank you Lele!

There will be more about my move soon!

Warmest greetings,
your Julia

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