Our self-proclaimed accompanying dog

Our self-proclaimed accompanying dog

Originally I decided not to blog about my second knee operation within 1.5 years, but since Lilli is such a lovely honey once again, I’m tempted to tell you about this outstandig familiy dog. 

Lilli is our eldery dog lady, born December 22nd 2000 (unbeliefable but true, she’s that old!). Since that, she just had her 16th birthday and her 16th christmas and soon her 16th New Years Eve! She lives at my parents house in Kiel (adorable  and beautiful city, right at the ocean! Use google if you ca’t belief!), this is, where I recover right now, the second time.

Who ever is restained and needs crutches, she’ll be right by your side, each step you’re taking. The worse you feel,physical and mentally, the closer she is. (Yes, after an operation, sometimes you’re just in a bad mood, because you are restriced and can’t do anything.)

So right now she’s very close to me.


Infront of me, right next to me, she would love to accompany my restroom visitis, I don’t let her join, unless the crotches and I cant’t geht the door shut fast enough.


Since she is that old, her ears aren’t the best oney anymore, not to say she is almost 100% death. To make sure she notices when I’m leaving she has different tactics but her best one is this one:


She simply blocks what I need for walking. First of all it doesn’t really look comfy but she seems to like it, since she also puts her head down and relaxes.


Once in a while she is that close, that I almost can’t capture her whole face on a picture.


Or we take selfies at the top end of the staircase (I’m way quicker and saver on my way down, when I sit down and go downstairs by using the unhurt leg and my butt *blink*).


Definetly it’s fun to sit there and cuddle *smile*.Auf jeden Fall haben wir Spaß *grins*

Lilli and I wish you all the best for 2017 and ask for a all infants, dogs, cats, horses, chickens, cows, … and our planet it-self to have les fire works.

Warmest your Julia

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  1. Ganz lieben Dank! Schön, dass du und Pontus heute zum Oma- und Krankenbesuch hier ward, ihr seid herzlich willkommen!

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