Flat snip!

Flat snip!

Or shall I say flat swindle!

Once in a while sometimes more, sometimes less I check out apartments. Maybe I’ll find one that is close to where I live right now, not too expensive and sort of cozy. Latest in October 2017 I have to leave my room at the student dorm and would really like to be prepared for that.

Perfect location, 1.5k from my current place, so only small changes on my daily work and university routs. 4 bedrooms, a balcony, bathroom plus an extra restroom and an ample kitchen. 100m² (1076 square feet), everything included for only 800€.

The landlord is absolutely nice, living in Poland for the upcoming five years for his Job and renting his apartment while he is aboard.

The apointment to view the apartment was set, Thursday or Friday next week, whenever I like, the intercession company would get in touch with me, to give me the keys. Data has been exchanged to get the paperwork done. This is where it got weird the first time but I haven’t niticed it at first.

The upcoming weekend I had some time to think about it a second time and e-mailed the intercession company, where I marked out, that I won’t pay the first rent and the deposit before I had a look at the apartment.
I did some online research and after round about 15 minutes I had read around 100 similar e-mail courses of different people about deposit swindles.

But the highlight is close: SUNDAY afternoon, not even one hour after e-mailing the intercession company, I received an answer, asking for the payment a second time and telling me, that I’ll meet one of the employees in front of the apartment. At the bottom they added this sentence: The company serves their customers 24/7.

That was just too much! I took my bike and went to see the apartment from outside. 4th floor is obviously too high to have a look inside, but in this case there was bedding hanging out of the window and non of the door bell signs was matching the lastname of the landlord.

This fad is tremendous! People scam money from their victims, just because they are despairing in need of a place to life. This is not only a problem of Berlin, not only of Germany, but all over the world and those scammers get along with it most of the time. There are too many law and securety gaps.

Did something like this happend to you? You are welcome to comment or e-mail me and tell about your story(ies).

To all the others: Keep your eys, ears, nose, mouth, what ever open! Don’t get trapped, rather ask a couple times, have a look at the apartment and if there is no apointment to view, don’t sign anything and even more important never send money in advance!

Warmest wishes


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