Dresden – twice this year

Dresden – twice this year

Dresden isn’t far from Berlin and enchanted me the way that I went there twice.

The first time this year I’ve been there in summer mith my cooking friends J. and Ma. in July. We had bright sunshine and round about 30°C. Our busride was flying by and the costs of 11.90€ p. p. both ways was unbeliefalbe cheap. On top the on board service of RegioJet is truly luxury, including free hot drinks, head phones to borrow for the ride and Czech journals and magazines, there was nothng to complain about, plus the optiont to reserve the seats ahead right while your booking wich made sure we can sit next to each other!

We slept at my friend S.’s shared flat at the student district of Dresden, very cosy, comfortable, kind and warm hearted!


The stunning view by her Paris balkony was magnificant and by a 30 minutes walk we reached the old historical center. For the rest of the day we weren’t seen, busy with shopping, dawdling and sight seeing was on our bucket list.

It’s been an fantastic weekend with the cooking girls.

Last weekend, the last weekend before christmas, i’ve been to Dresden once again. With my flatmate Mi., again by RegioJet, this time the bus was much fuller and accordingly the on board service busy. Still we got head phones and hot drinks.
At our arrival at the appartment of Mi. boyfriend, the house party was already in full swing, games like beer pong and beerball were organized, an Bulgarian dish made of gough, butter and cheese was served as the culinary highlight, coming by 700kcal per piece it was a love handles feast and the best I’ve had in a couple weeks! The Party started at around 7p.m. and by 2a.m. the last guest not sleeping over left. We should have parties like this in Berlin, but I don’t think the attitude of starting parties at 9/10 p.m. and partying until next day 6/7a.m. will never be changed. *blink*

Saturday afternoon, after the flat was back to normal, Mi, her boyfriend and I walked through the distict Strehlen across this beautiful church:


Further on we walked through the Großer Garten, in the summer a miniatur narrow-gauge railway runs through the park.


For comparaison I took a picture of my feet on the gauge, they look giant on the narrow-gauge! At the Großer Garten is a natural pond, where ducks and swans romp around, swim and defend their territories, thanks to the ice the reflection was gorgeaous.


A few minutes away is an artificial pond infront of the early baroque palace, the ice surface undeniable.


Whar a marvelous place in winter, I have to come back in summer!

In the course of the evening we met not only all of the flatmates of Mi., boyfriend, but also our ex flatmate Sagar who moved back to Ilmenauwas in Dresden unexpected and we only figured out coincident.  He and his host joined  us . Since it’s been the weekend of “go-to-Dresden!”, my Mum and one of my sisters where in Dresden as well. By end of the evening we also met them with all visitors and hosts for a last mulled wine at the ent of the Augustusmarkt. While going there I took a lot mor pictures of that beautiful historical city.


What a  wonderful second weekend in Dresden!

Thank you Mi. and Jo.!

Your Julia


    1. Noch Berlin, zumindest als Wohnsitz, ab März Kiel, gerade aber auch mal wieder Kiel 🙂

      1. Oh Danke 🙂 habe das blogemailpasswort nicht parat. Werde ich dann gucken wenn ich wieder zu hause bin.

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