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This recepie is on of my favorties of my cookie recipe collection, because it os so easy an jummy at the same time. Whis actually just makes me wonder why we’ve never backed them at the annual christmas cookie baking… 2018 here we come!

The best part about this recipe is: You can prepare it at any time and either go all the way or do it later, which way works best for you!

So here come the ingredients:

2 cups of flour (10 heaped tablespoons)

1 teespoon bakingpowder

1/2-1 tablespoon kakao

2/3 cup sugar (5 heaped tablespoons)

1/2 vanilla pod or the appropriate messuring of vanilla extract

1 pinch of salt

3 eeg yolks

2/3 cup soft butter

Later you will need:

2-3 tablespoons sugar (1/4 of a cup)

200g nougat (I always have leftover nougat, that will later go on the buttercookies)

The non-dry ingredients and the sugar are supposed to be whipped until foamy. Since I bake cookies without a hand mixer i just knead all ingreadients well by hand.


When the dough is smooth, i split it in half as long as it needs to, to recieve walnut gib pieces ( I always get 64 cookies out of my dough), next step is balling and tossing them around in the extra sugar, than place them not too close on a bakingsheet :


The last step before baking is to poke the balls with a wooden stick, so that they have a pit for the nougat later. Poke inbetween 1/3 and 2/3 deep, so the pit will stay while baking.


Finally the ookies go into the ofen!
Please do so at 180°C(356°F) or 160°C (320°F) circulating air for 10 minutes on middle tier, depending on the oven, add a water bowl to the bottom of your oven, to make the cookies crispier.

Now I let the gold brown cookies either cool down and add the melted nougat later or just add it right away. This step can be done with a pipingbag, i just do it with a teaspoon since i like the way they come out and it saves.

So while the cookies cool down and the nougat hardens usually I leave the house because they are best when they’re still warm and melted!

But ou know what the best part of writing this was? Nibble the cookies while writing about them! The best reward system!

If your looking for something more sophistication, hide a nut under the nougat. But make sure the cookies are big enough, a whole walnut wont fit into mine.

Enjoy baking and the few days left until christmas,

your Julia

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