Chocolate crunchies

This is recipe number three from our cookie day:

This recipe is as short as it it easy to do, on top you don’t even need an oven!

Ingredients for 3 servings:

700g milk chocolate
700g dark chocolate
700g white chocolate
400g coconut flakes
600g cornflakes
200g chopped almonds

Mix together coconut flakes, cornflakes, chopped almonds and split the mixture into 3 equal portions.

Now melt the chocolates in a water bath each at a time, starting with the white, ending with the dark chocolate, so you don’t have to wash the water bath inbetween the different kinds of chocolate.

While the chocolate melts, prepare some baking sheets in tray size on the counter/table/ground.

When the chocolate is molten, dump it into one of the coconut-mixture-bowls and stir well.

Now when it’s all mixed together take two table spoons and pile up litte bites of the chocolate crunchie mixture onto the baking sheets.

Repeat step 5-7 with each chocolate.

As soon as the bites are cooled down, you can take them off the baking paper and you’re done.

We simply love this recipe, because it’s nice and easy and super jummy. On top it’s as well an recipe to enjoy with kids. But to have the kids oarticipate make sure their fine motor skills are well enough to pile up in bite size with two spoons, otherwise they’ll get frustrated quickly.

Have fun doing it on your own,
your Julia

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