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I can’t belief what just happened…
Why do I have a Blog on my own now?!? All I did was…reserching about an alternative to tampons und Co., that’s been a year ago now.

Now I stared my own blog, am the owner of a huge and super bad ecological footprint, on top  I would love to renovate the apartmenthouse I’m living in right away to the highest ecological standards, as well as the garbage sorting systems of our neighbours and request an organic waste bin.

This is how i felt last night, after I had a close look at the ecologism the last two days and thought about my daily unecological habits.

As well I found an app, that shows you the ingrediens of your daily life products (food, cleaners, care products, what ever coes with a barcode). So yesterday I creept though our apartment and scanned anything that I usualy use. I found out, that some of our products wheren’t included so I sent a picture and the barcode plus the main informations to the app right away, they add those!
Quicly there was that big question in my head: “Do I still wan’t to use these or better throw them away?”, but since I have this giant ecological footprint (that feels like it’s getting bigger and bigger any minute) I decided to use it until it’s empty.

I could keep writing for ever, but there’s a real life out there *twinkle* Wich makes me think of: “How does ecological blogging works?” (One year later I still have no clue!)
Warmes greetings
your Julia

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