Reusable make-up removing pads

You’ll need:

  • 1 towel/terry cloth
  • cotton cloth
  • thread
  • nedle/sewing machine
  • cloth sissors
  • pins
  • paper sissors
  • a piece of paper

Prepare a paper square messuring 8cm x 8cm. This will be your pattern.

Use your pattern to cut the same amount of terry and cotton squates:

Next step is pinning one terry and one cotton square right sides togehter (pretty sides inside) so that all your squares are prepared for sewing:

I always only need two pins per pad, but you can use as many as you want to.

Now you sew the squares together but make sure there is a turning port by 2-3cm. Watch out to have the turning point in the middle as shown in the pictures below, having it at the corner makes ist way harder und usually messi, trust my experience…

I always sew all pads and turn them later, it’s faster for me.

Now it’s time to cut off.


Yes, cut off. Cut off the inner corners, otherwise they wrinkle up and its messy and hard to sew… So cut of as shown:

Very carefully, not damaging the joint, but as close as possible toward it, cut off the corners.

My most favorite part comes up now: turning your pieces ( I really hate that on pads but usually it’s the coolest pard, because all the ugly seams disappear and only the almot finished piece is there, but on pads ist’s different…).


Use a needle to pull out the corners nicely, even more *fumble-fiddel-…-fumble*, until it looks like this:

Pin the port so it won’t slip away and sew around one more time:

Done is your pad or pads or your armee of pads.

I tied a leftover tie of an chocolate easter bunny aroud the stack and the birthday present for Sophie was done:

Right now there is a giant stack of half done pads on my desk, around 120 pieces, thats the amunt one 70cm x 140cm towel makes.

Enjoy sewing yourself, if any question pops up: Message me!

Warmest greetings
your Julia

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