Gender and Religion

I read an German article a friend of mine posted on facebook. Gender and religion. Difficult subject.

Like it’s written in th text:

It’s enlightening to compare the public handling of Islamic and Catholicism when it comes to the subject women.

This is what I always kept thinking. There is su much cruelty in this world only by beliefing it’s the only right religion, since ever!

Futhermore in the text they say that in almost no religion gender equally is practiced, not to mention the religions that fight against it.

Right now media and society debate about a religion that has almost an equal image of women like our well known Catholicism, criticise gender mainstreaming and while doing that they totally exclude our own religions.

We should start putting our own house in order, before criticising others.

Old figures of speech always come by a lot of truth and moral values. More and more frequently I spot people pointing out other peoples while they don’t reach the requred level themselfes.

Live and let live, be examplary and role model, work up on yourself, before you keep on bellyaching.

What is this world where we’re living about, where we dream about equality and acctually want equity.

Looking for peace in religion, where 50% of the believers are unworthy their position.

As a woman you have to justify anything you do, wherther it fits your gender roll or it does not fit your gender roll. But as well men have to deal with that the other way around.

Many call history as a reason hunter(men)-gatherers(women). Now here is a question:

Do you belief, the men passed berries on their way to find wildlife and thought: “That’s the women job.”

Do you belief, the women let the rabbits go while picking berries and thought: “That’s the men job.”

Men and women had wappons and pockets to carry food , there are enough archeological finds to proof that sientifical.

So why do we still teach our kids that there are professional ans sozial differences for all genders? We have to fight for all genders to reach equality.

Do not accept when someome tells you, you’re the “wrong” sex on your way to let your dreams, ideas and goals come true!

Your Julia


  1. Geschlechter sind vorhanden ob nun biologisch, gefühlt oder….Geschlechter führen dazu, dass wir unterschiedlich ticken, fühlen ja auch bis zu einem gewissen Maße geschlechterabhängig. Das ist nicht schlimm, das ist nicht böse, das macht das Leben bunter und schöner. Und nur Dumme leiten daraus eine Überlegenheit oder Ähnliches ab. Anders ist nicht schlechter oder besser aber eben anders.

    1. Danke für deine tollen Worte zu diesem Thema, ich stimme dir da voll und ganz zu!

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