Fairy lights

Oh so beautiful! But dare to take them down, they will tangle up quicker then you bliked once! But I have a hack for you, for moving or just regular storing, like you do anually.

You know exactly how they look like when you take them down or drag them out of the box you stored them in, sometimes even worse then you expected. To make sure I don’t look like this charming man ( I’m so happy there are no pictures of me detangeling fairy lights!) I invented a life saving hack, not to mention the time saved by this *blink*:


When ever I take down my fairy lights I have a cardboard ready to hand. A simple plain piece cardboard, big enough so the fairy lights can fit around it, coiled up.
To save the ends of tangeling off or even teaming up with other fairy lightends against us, I cut a slit into the cardboard and stick the kableat the end of the plug of the fairy lights throug it.

Now we wind, wind until there is nothing left to wind. Cut a second slit into the cardboard to fix the other end.
The chaos is gone and the fairy lights are savely stored until we ned them the next time *ouh-yeah*!


Have a great Sunday and don’t get stressed out by Monday tomorrow, the week has just started!

Warmest greetings
your Julia

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