Life » Why you should date your friends

I’ve had a date, an absolut lovely date!Unbeliefable romantic and very relaxed.

My date turned out to be my friend and flatmate Anika, we prepared some sandwiches and tea, and completed our porters with cups and blankets. By bike we went down to the quay wall of Kiel. Right at the quay wall the city provites permanent doupble sunbeds, we took one, snuggled uns into the blakets and talked, enjoyed the stunning view, had the best sandwiches ever and even our most favorite tea was better than ever.

When we got cold we wraped up our belongings and drove home. It’s been one of my most favorite dates that I ever had, because all the imporant aspects where there:

  • romantic
  • quality time 1:1
  • being outside
  • food
  • drinks
  • easing

I don’t belief in dating as a thing only to find a partner, rather always date! Date your partner, date your friends ir your family, spending time like a date together always feels good.

Warmest greetings
your Julia

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