Finaly I can enjoy chocolate again, because there is a second person who takes care of this web page now. I’m so lucky no one ever countet how many times I fancied to pull my hair, sweared and cursed infront of my laptop since this projekt started. But who ever knows me a little better will know there is nothing nice to say about me and electronic devices. Never ever I would have moved my web page to a private hosting unless I’ve got help. Nils, the man with secret super powers! Nils is my man for  Aaaah!-moments, for Oh-holy-I-can’t even open this s***!, forRead More →

This recepie is on of my favorties of my cookie recipe collection, because it os so easy an jummy at the same time. Whis actually just makes me wonder why we’ve never backed them at the annual christmas cookie baking… 2018 here we come! The best part about this recipe is: You can prepare it at any time and either go all the way or do it later, which way works best for you! So here come the ingredients: 2 cups of flour (10 heaped tablespoons) 1 teespoon bakingpowder 1/2-1 tablespoon kakao 2/3 cup sugar (5 heaped tablespoons) 1/2 vanilla pod or the appropriate messuringRead More →